Display & Remarketing


When looking for ways to increase brand exposure, display and remarketing ads offer some great options. Display is a great 'push' mechanism to get in front of prospects, some of which may even have been identified as in-market. On the other hand, remarketing is a great way to re-engage prospects.

Display, Remarketing & Youtube Targeting Options

Leverage Display, Remarketing & YouTube to Engage Prospects

Audience Targeting

We can leverage first-party and third-party audiences, meaning audiences created from your own site or CRM data, or audiences created by display providers.

Topics & Interests

There's a wealth of data available and that data has been used to identify interests & topics that prospects have indicated based upon their browsing history. Using this, we can get in front of people that have expressed interest in your product or relevant topics.

Demographic Targeting

Use demographic data to target only people within your specific markets. On the flip side, if you aren't sure exactly which demographics work best, you can take the learnings from your display campaign to help build out the knowledge of your markets.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting allows us to place ads on sites based upon the keywords that we select. The network will then identify pages containing those keywords and place our ads accordingly.

Placement Targeting

We can identify sites that are targeting relevant prospects and show ads on those sites. If there are certain sites that you'd like to show ads on, we can see if they are part of an ad network.

YouTube Ads

Target prospects based upon videos that they've watched, channels they follow and more!