Looking to capture and convert low-funnel traffic? Paid search is an incredibly cost-effective way to attract sales-ready prospects.


Who says being a nerd is bad?

Tried PPC before & it didn't go well?

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Paid Search Management

If you don't already love PPC, you will soon!

Paid search ads are the ads that show at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and along the right side. With paid search, also called PPC, you only pay when a searcher clicks your ad so it's very cost-effective.

That said, it's important to ensure that the click is still qualified so that you aren't wasting money on clicks from people that aren't really interested or aren't a good fit. Plus, click-through-rate weighs into Quality Score (the search engines' mechanism for determining relevance and ... drumroll... quality!). Quality score is a big factor in the search engine auction, helping to determine both your rank and the price you'll pay for the click. Sounds simple, right? PPC may have once been something that could be self-managed but has evolved to a complex system with a lot of data which very much warrants a professional. That's where we come in!

Paid search is an incredible way to capture low-funnel and mid-funnel demand. What better way to connect with customers than to show up for their search? Because PPC tends to have such a strong ROAS, we almost always recommend it as part of the media plan. As complete geeks (loud and proud, ya'll!) we love the near-real-time data that we have at our fingertips to fine-tune campaigns.


Why Cultivative?

We've been working in the PPC industries for years. Remember back before the Bing-Yahoo Search Alliance? We do. We've spoken at industry conferences across the U.S. and abroad.

What if I just want a PPC Audit?

No problem at all! We offer paid search account audits as a service. Whether you're planning to manage your accounts in-house or just want a second set of eyes on your work, we are happy to help.

Would you do whitelabel work?

We sure do. We love working with ageny partners to help support their clients. We are fairly flexible in the way that we work with agency partners. Read more our whitelabel PPC services here.