Comprehensive PPC Account Audits

Sometimes you just need a second set of eyes.

If you aren't looking for ongoing media management but just want a fresh set of eyes on your campaign, then our PPC audits are for you. We'll take a deep dive into your paid search accounts. We'll analyze performance for all facets of your campaigns.


What do PPC Audits Include?

Comprehensive Paid Search Audits

Campaign audits include the following, for starts. As we look through each of these things, we look for indicators of bigger issues and we also look for gaps in strategy.

  • Campaign Settings
  • Targeting Options
  • Campaign Structure
  • Trending Performance
  • Geographies
  • Devices
  • Time of Day
  • Day of Week
  • Ad Performance
  • Keyword Performance
  • Quality Score
  • Match Type Performance
  • Audiences
  • Network Performance
  • Display and Retargeting Performance & Targeting
  • Search Terms, Query Mapping & Negative Keywords
  • Demographics
  • Competition & Impression Share
  • Wasted Spend (Areas where you're spending without much return.)
  • Ad Extensions
  • Opportunities for Expansion
  • And more!

PPC Audit Output

PPC Audit Deliverable

Our promise to you: the final result is not a sales pitch. Rather, we hand you a comprehensive overview of your campaigns with an actionable plan that you or your agency can implement.

The output of the audit is fully dependent upon the size of the account(s), the number of campaigns and the health of the campaigns but, on average, the result of our audits tend to be about 15-20 pages long, sometimes more but rarely less.