Whitelabel PPC & Digital Media Management


Do you have clients that are looking for paid search or digital media management? Are you currently understaffed, or without the expertise? We can help! Cultivative can manage digital media campaigns on your behalf. We can help cover short-term needs, such as vacations and maternity leave or long-term ongoing needs.

Whitelabeling & Confidentiality

Completely Invisible, Like Little PPC Elves

If we are contracted for whitelabel work, the partnership is completely confidential. We'll never tell the client, or anyone else, that we're managing campaigns on your behalf unless you ask us to, or provide us with explicit permission.

Client Communication

Who Talks to the Client?

Our whitelabeling engagements can work in a few different ways. Most often, we whitelabel ppc management to ensure optimal ROAS and growth and provide updates and reporting to the account manager who then communicates to the client. If we create this sort of engagement, we provide you with updates and feedback so that you're always informed and able to speak to the performance of the campaigns.  Your team simply provides client feedback or requests back to us.

We also have whitelabel ppc engagements where our client provides us with an email address from their domain and includes us in client communication.